17 of the Best Retirement Gift Ideas

Are you looking for retirement gift ideas?

When you’ve had an employee provide your company with decades of service, its only right to buy them a present before they leave.

However, finding something suitable that conveys the level of gratitude you have towards them is easier said than done – because retirement gifts are no ordinary gifts.

They must, after all, be meaningful, as you want to celebrate the massive contribution the person made to your organisation. But beyond that, they could also represent the next phase of their life. So, you’ll want to make sure it’s useful to them moving forward as well.

If you have a long-term employee who is about to leave your company and you are struggling to find them an appropriate retirement gift, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 17 options you should consider, which most departing employees should absolutely love.

Tips for choosing the perfect retirement gift

Retirement gifts can come in many different shapes and sizes. So, before we reveal our best ideas, it’s worth outlining some tips on how you can find the perfect present for your departing employee.

Rather than giving the same retirement present for each individual, the first thing you should ensure is that the gift is bespoke. Your employees want to feel that their contribution has been valued during their time with your organisation. Therefore, if you give everyone the same present (other than a monetary gift), they won’t feel special.

At all costs you should avoid cliched gifts like pens, wine glasses, mugs and plaques. They just scream of lack of thought and more than likely will be a waste of money. You should also avoid buying them a ‘gag’ gift as their only present. Retirement is a significant stage of a person’s life, so always choose something sincere over what is intended to be a joke.

Where appropriate, you should try and make your gift as personalised as possible. This could involve having their name, length of service or a monogram etched into the present, which will make it more meaningful.

Whatever you decide to buy them, make sure the gift is accompanied with a note that clearly expresses your gratitude. It helps to set a budget too right from the outset. That way, you can easily narrow down your search based on these monetary parameters.

Retirement Gift Ideas

Need inspiration for the perfect retirement gift idea? How about these options?

1. Travel Voucher

Many people dream of travelling the world when they require, so why not help them on their journey with a travel voucher?

You can purchase a travel gift card or voucher from any travel agent such as Flight Centre or online sites like WebJet, which you can load up with any monetary value you want.

These vouchers tend to be valid for a period of at least three years, so there would be plenty of time for your retiring worker to organise their trip.

2. Bucket List Experience

If you don’t think they would like a travel voucher, then why not organise for them to enjoy a bucket list experience?

These can take many forms, but should be something that most people wouldn’t normally be able to afford or think of doing.

Some experiences can include:

– Driving in a sports car around a rack track

– Helicopter ride over a famous landmark or region

– VIP Tickets to a sporting event

– VIP Tour of a sports ground

– Luxury weekend getaway

– Degustation meal at a Michelin Star or Hatted restaurant

To ensure the bucket list experience is something they would be interested in, try to find out as much as you can about what would interest the departing employee.

3. Luxury Personal Shopping Experience

This type of gift offers an exclusive and highly personalised shopping experience, which allows people to access luxury goods and items that are not widely available.

Typically this takes place in a private room away from the shop floor where you are given champagne, hors d’oeuvre and VIP Treatment.

In reality, a luxury personal shopping experience would probably be more welcomed by female employees than males. (Though there are some that are tailored to men).

That said, personal shoppers offer style guidance on items like clothes, handbags, jewellery or watches, and while there is no pressure to buy, their advice can seriously lift your fashion game.

4. Season Ticket for their favourite sports team

If your retiring employee is a sports fan, a terrific gift for them is a season ticket to their favourite

sports team.

It’s worth checking if they have one before ordering it. However, if they don’t this is a gift they are sure to love.

5. Work-Related Mementos

Your employee has dedicated a significant portion of their adult life to your company. Therefore, they will no doubt have good memories of working there.

To keep these memories alive after they have left your company, why not get them a work-related memento to remind their of their time with you.

This type of gift could include a bronzed replica of a tool they regularly used for their job, or a typography print of their main achievements or sales records.

If your company has collated enough photos of them over the years, it could even take the form of a framed memory collage they can put up on their wall at home.

6. Gourmet Food Hamper

You can’t go wrong with a luxury food hamper, and the great thing about this gift is you can make it really personalised if you know what kind of gastronomic tastes your employee has.

If you don’t, it is a good idea to introduce them to foods they might not ordinarily eat. So, really, its a win-win.

When it comes to gourmet food hampers, it’s best to offer a wide range of food items. Where possible, try to source them from local businesses. Though if you are after more upscale items such as truffles or caviar, you might have to procure them online.

7. Beer or Wines

If you know your retiring employee likes to drink beer or wine, then a great option is to buy them a selection of either.

Depending on how long they have been with your company, it’s a nice idea to buy them a bottle for each year they were employed. Try to mix up the varietals, so they can try lots of different flavours and labels.

If they are a wine lover, consider finding a vintage from the year in which they joined your organisation.

8. Spa Retreat

The lead up to their retirement can be busy old time for your employee, especially if they are trying to finish a project off or have to train their replacement to ensure they get up to speed.

For this reason, they might understandably be in need of some rest and relaxation, in the immediate period after they leave. So, what better gift than booking them in for a visit to a spa retreat?

Spa retreats offer a range of recuperative services including everything from massages to facials which are designed to provide you with total relaxation of mind, body and soul.

9. Camera

Now they are retired, your departing employee will have plenty of time on their hands. Therefore, why not encourage them to take up a new hobby by buying them a camera?

A top notch camera will enable them to capture the world around them and possible even inspire them to venture out more. It should also reduce their risk of boredom post-retirement and give them a new purpose once they have left your company.

10. Home activities Box

Another good idea to keep your employees occupied is to give them a box of activities they can do at home.

This can include a range of books, puzzles, board games, adult colouring books, magazines and yard games. If they have grandchildren, you can also include a few activities they can do with them.

Make sure you package them in a nice box or basket and top up with some little treats for them to have while they play them.

11. Luxury Robe

If your employee has been wearing your work uniform for the majority of their working life, why not give them something else they can wear once they have retired?

As they will be spending a lot more time at home, a luxury robe is the perfect thing to wear when they are enjoying a leisurely morning.

Make sure they are warm, comfortable and made of a very good quality. If they can be personalized, then all the better.

12. Monthly subscription box

As an alternative to a home activities box, a yearly subscription box is another good option.

This could take the form of TV streaming services like Netflix, Stan or Disney or other things such as magazines or book clubs.

In fact, they are available in pretty much every theme, so try to establish what your retiree will most enjoy using in the first 12 months after leaving your company.

13. Retirement Flower Box

Flowers are a popular retirement gift, especially for female employees and they are always appreciated. However, why not take this gift up a level by giving your retiring co-working a retirement

flower box.

They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be adorned with an engraved plaque and can feature any type of flower or plants which can be bedded into their garden.

A nice alternative to this idea is to plant a tree in your employees name either within the grounds of your offices or in a local floral garden.

14. Garden Set

If you know your employee is a keen gardener or plants to do more gardening once they have retired, then a great present to give them is a complete garden Set.

Generally, they come with a range of garden tools that help you with all aspects of maintaining a garden. They also usually include flower and vegetable seeds packs, which will enable them to cultivate the garden they have always wanted to maintain.

15. Charitable donation

If the retiree has a passion for a local cause or volunteering you could always give a donation in their name. Doing this can provide your business with tax incentives and it also provides an excellent PR opportunity.

What is great about this gift is that it will have a meaningful impact on the person you give it to. Alternatively, you can organise for all of your employees to join the retiree for a volunteer day on their last day at work.

This will send them off on an uplifting note, while also helping them give back to the local community.

16. Barbecue

With more time on their hands, food and entertaining often come to the fore during the initial period after a person retires from their job. So, why not give your employee a helping hand by buying them a brand new barbecue and barbecue kit.

It would help if you had an understanding of how big a barbecue they could fit into their home. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask their closest work colleagues if they have an idea.

It is also a nice touch if you include some meats, vegetables and oils so they can enjoy their first cook. While cleaning materials and maybe a cook book or two wouldn’t go amiss as well.

17. Gift Card

If all else fails you can always give your departing employee a gift card.

There are plenty of different kinds available, including those for clothing stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. So, you should try to find out which type they would be most likely to use and purchase one accordingly.

If your employee is relocating, this can be particularly useful in setting up their new home. Try to find relevant companies where they can be redeemed in their new location.

10 of the Best Nursing Homes Launceston has to offer

Are you looking for the best nursing homes in Launceston?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Like Hobart, Launnie boasts a good selection of aged care facilities that provide a wide range of services to seniors who need them.

From Norwood to Kings Meadows and Riverside to Prospect Vale, these villages offer seniors an excellent environment in which to live out their Golden Years with dignity and the peace of mind of being well looked after.

If you are currently researching which places might be the best for you to stay in, here are our recommendations of 10 of the best nursing homes Launceston has to offer.

All of these places are well-established communities, so they make excellent starting points for your research.

Regis Norwood

Set within a quiet, tree-lined area of a lovely street, Regis Norwood resides in a picturesque spot between the North Esk River and the Punchbowl Reserve.

Located close to a parade of shops, including a Post Office, coffee shop, and news agency, the community is also just a 5-minute drive to the main shopping mall at Kings Meadows.

The facility provides a wide range of services to seniors, including aged care, respite care services, a dedicated dementia care wing, and provisions for ageing in place.

Overall, Regis Norwood is a 95-bed residential home that enjoys an excellent reputation within the local town for its professionalism, comfort, and level of care.

The experienced staff here are highly knowledgeable and provide 24-hour service for our permanent residents. They are also adept at providing respite care, even at extremely short notice, and there is an excellent in-house chef who cooks delicious meals which are of an excellent standard.

The facility is run under the ethos that it is extremely important for residents to remain engaged and interested in the wonderful possibilities of life. That is why they offer each and every one of them a customised lifestyle programme that encourages not just them but also their family and friends to be involved.

Address: 8 Blenheim Street, Norwood, Tasmania, 7250

Phone: 1300 998 100

Website: https://www.regis.com.au/residence/regis-tasmania-norwood/

Calvary Riverside Views

If you choose the Calvary Riverside Views aged care home, you’ll find yourself in fabulous accommodation that has been thoughtfully designed to make living within them very easy.

Architecturally designed to maximise the stunning views of the beautiful Tamar Valley, the community presents a nice selection of single rooms, all of which come with private ensuites. So you won’t have to share them with anyone else. There are also several homely communal spaces where you can mingle with other residents while marvelling at the comely views.

Calvary prides itself on offering an exceptional range of aged care services to those who need them. These include short-term residential respite, dedicated support for those living with dementia, and other permanent aged care services.

Arguably, the best reason to join the community is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle. That is why it offers a suite of recreational and health-related activities designed to keep you fit and healthy while having a lot of fun.

Address: 58a Cormiston Rd, Riverside TAS 7250

Phone: (03) 6327 5500

Website: https://www.calvarycare.org.au/ourservices/residentialagedcare/riverside-views-tas/

OneCare – The Manor

Situated in Kings Meadow, OneCare—The Manor is renowned for providing its residents with a very high quality of accommodation and care within a friendly and vibrant community.

This contemporary home has been thoughtfully designed to offer them various care options and services, including respite care.

Within the home are airy rooms with built-in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms. They also feature a comfortable bed and a range of furniture, including an armchair, TV, and desk, giving you the independence to live how you want.

To enable you to do this, residents are encouraged to personalise moments and photos to make their rooms feel more homely.

When not in their room, they can enjoy a wide range of social events and activities that include cooking, gardening, art classes, film screenings and games. From time to time, walking groups and fishing trips are also organised for those who are up to date.

Address: 1/7 Guy St, Kings Meadows TAS 7249

Phone: (03) 6345 2100

Website: https://onecare.org.au/

Fred French Aged Care

Over in Newstead, Fred French prides itself on offering top-notch, customised aged care services for seniors who need them.

Residents can enjoy relaxing in beautiful outdoor gardens, delicious fresh meals, and a nice

range of recreational activities. They also get to stay in bright, contemporary rooms that provide them with plenty of opportunities for peaceful relaxation.

You can choose between a Standard room option, a Deluxe one, or a Premium one. Each has a beautiful courtyard or garden view, along with modern amenities such as space for bar fridges and ensuite bathrooms.

These rooms are clutter-free, warm and very secure. So, you can live happily knowing that you are living in a place that easily feels like home.

The community boasts a team of highly motivated and dedicated staff who are focused on helping residents to live independent and healthy lives. They do this through the personal care services they provide and their commitment to running a wide range of collaborative projects, including one with the local schools, as well as various social activities.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of places within the village to socialise, while services like an on-site salon will always help you look fabulous.

Address: 9 Amy Rd, Newstead TAS 7250

Phone: (03) 6345 7100

Website: https://respect.com.au/aged-care-homes/fred-french/

Tyler Village Aged Care

This village enjoys a peaceful setting within a grassy area of natural bush, yet it is just a few minutes’ drive from Prospect Vale’s residential town and associated amenities. This provides residents with the best of both worlds, which they can take advantage of as and when the mood arises.

At Tyler Village, they are committed to ensuring their residents benefit from a complete range of health and wellness-related services. This is done through a combination of specialist medical care and initiatives, including dietitians and hairdressers who come in every week.

Residents can also enjoy regular concerts, activities, and events on a monthly calendar, which are organised by a dedicated lifestyle and leisure team. Partly, this involves bus trips to various locations nearby at least twice a month. However, plenty of other events take place in the village as well.

Address: 320 Westbury Road, Prospect Vale, Tasmania, 7250

Phone: (03) 6343 2757

Website: https://respect.com.au/aged-care-homes/tyler-village/

Southern Cross Care (Tasmania) Inc. Glenara Lakes

Glenara Lakes is an accomplished facility that offers top-class accommodation and care for its elderly residents.

Nestled within beautiful landscapes, the village provides a charming setting for living a happy and enriched life.

The community offers excellent accommodations that are renowned for being bright, spacious and well-appointed. They feature contemporary designs, which are complimented by stunning gardens that add a touch of class to their overall aesthetic.

Glenara Lakes excels in offering person-centred care services to its residents. These are administered by a team of nurses, caregivers, and support staff who ensure that each resident is treated respectfully and with dignity while meeting their preferences and specific needs.

Seniors in the fabulous community enjoy a wide range of activities and amenities designed to encourage mental stimulation, social interaction, and overall well-being.

Overall, given the holistic package Glenara Lakes offer its residents, families can have the peace of mind of knowing their nearest and dearest are being given the same kind of love, care and support as they would give them.

Address: 390 Hobart Rd, Youngtown, Tasmania, 7249

Phone: (03) 6344 7911

Website: https://www.scctas.org.au/location/glenara-lakes-2/

Calvary Sandhill

Calvary Sandhill is one of the city’s more impressive care homes, set within the scenic and relaxed neighbourhood of South Launceston.

It accommodates 132 residents in a charming aged care home that conveys fabulous views of the mountains and the city from several areas within it.

The home prides itself on offering companionship and privacy. Residents can choose to stay in a shared room or a single room, depending on their preference. There are also options for couples who want to live together while benefiting from 24-hour aged care services.

These accommodation options take into account individual needs. So, if you are in need of residential respite care, permanent digs or specialised support for dementia memory, you will be well looked after.

The team here is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and extremely compassionate. They all strive to provide you with the best aged care services in Tasmania and welcome participation from your friends and family.

Address: 25 Waveney St, South Launceston TAS 7249

Phone: (03) 6344 5566

Website: https://www.calvarycare.org.au/ourservices/residentialagedcare/sandhill-launceston-tas/

Peacehaven Aged Care

Peacehaven is all about community living and comfort.

This is a place where they’ve created inviting and inclusive hubs where you can mingle with like minded people in communal lounges, sitting rooms and dining areas. Residents get to be part of a village which thrives with support and mateship.

They offer a good selection of rooms ranging in status from Standard to Premium Plus. Each features a nice array of important amenities, including Wi-Fi access, private ensuites, built-in wardrobes, and large flat-screen TVs.

These rooms come with high ceilings, spacious floorplans and lovely touches such as Tasmanian oak trims. So, whichever type you choose, you can live in a space that exudes elegance, style and comfort.

The staff here have been rigorously trained to provide residents with the highest levels of care and empathy, which enables them to support their needs in the best way possible. Subsequently, they are able to offer a suite of services, including pain management and physiotherapy, along with a varied programme of social and lifestyle activities to ensure they live their best lives during their time in the village.

In addition, residents can enjoy delicious meals every day freshly cooked by a talented culinary team. They can also enjoy numerous conveniences, such as an on-site hairdresser and physiotherapists, while cosy outdoor areas with fabulous gas log fires provide a wonderful spot to see the stars.

Address: 185 Penquite Road, Norwood, Tasmania, 7250

Phone: (03) 6345 7200

Website: https://agedcareonline.com.au/residential-aged-care/facilities/peacehaven-aged-care

Uniting AgeWell Kings Meadows Community

Located in the lovely suburb of Kings Meadows, this facility is just a few minutes from the Launceston CBD.

It offers residents 67 beds, contained within rooms set up for singles, couples, and those who want to share. Some of the rooms have their own ensuite bathrooms.

As it is not too far from the local shops, cafés, and public transport, Kings Meadows offers an engaging and dynamic lifestyle program. It also has a nice communal kitchen and several lounges with fireplaces, which make terrific places to relax and catch up with other residents.

As an experienced and fully accredited aged care provider, the community is firmly focused on maintaining the values of partnership, respect, fairness, wisdom, and stewardship. It is committed to supporting all its residents, maintaining their sense of independence, choice, and well-being, and, most importantly, making them feel valued and heard.

Address: 12-22 Hobart Rd, Kings Meadows TAS 7249

Phone: (03) 6341 1400

Website: https://www.unitingagewell.org/our-services/residential-care/kings-meadows-community

10 of the best Nursing Homes Hobart has to offer

Nursing homes provide support and accommodation for seniors who need assistance. They offer a range of personal care services—including medication management and help with bathing—that make a real difference in the lives of those who need them.

If you are searching for nursing homes, Hobart has a decent amount to choose from throughout the city.

Located everywhere from Lindisfarne to Sandy Bay, they enable seniors and retirees to live their lives with dignity among like-minded people.

However, with so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start looking for a suitable place to reside. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

To give you a starting point for your research, here are 10 excellent options you should initially focus on.

Fairway Rise Nursing Home

Fairway Rise is a nursing home that prides itself on providing exceptional care to its residents.

Located in the scenic suburb of Lindisfarne, the facility is run by Southern Cross Care and offers an inviting and inclusive environment for all residents.

It boasts a team of compassionate, empathetic, and highly professional staff who are fully aware of the importance of offering everyone personalised care that meets their unique needs.

Their services are customized to support the emotional, social, and physical well-being of their residents. They include 24-hour nursing care, which is led by a qualified team of registered nurses who are strongly committed to making their residents feel as comfortable as possible.

The community provides seniors with comfortable bedrooms and welcoming communal areas that are elegantly furnished. It also offers them tasty and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which are served in a large, light-filled dining area that is pleasant to dine in.

A good selection of recreational activities is also provided to encourage participation, socialisation, and general community spirit.

Address: 2 Toogood Avenue, Lindisfarne, TAS, 7015

Phone: 03 6246 7200

Website: https://www.scctas.org.au/location/fairway-rise/

Guilford Young Grove

Over in Sandy Bay, Guilford Young Grove is a residential aged care facility that offers a diverse and comprehensive range of services to those who need assistance in their retirement years.

In a welcoming and warm environment, the facility provides everything from medication and personal care assistance to nursing care and social support, all of which are provided by compassionate and highly skilled professionals.

The great thing about living here is that residents benefit from accessing specialised therapies and programs designed to promote their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

At Guilford Young Grove, they prioritise individual care plans to make sure each resident gets the kind of bespoke support and attention they need and deserve.

One of the most prominent ways they do this is by providing a raft of recreational and social activities that enhance the quality of life of their residents.

As a result, there is a real sense of community at this facility, which not only makes residents feel a part of it but also gives families the peace of mind of understanding their loved ones are being looked out for.

Address: 13 St Canice Avenue, Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005

Phone: 03 6225 1025

Website: https://www.scctas.org.au/location/guilford-young-grove/

Derwent Views

Derwent Views is another Hobart Nursing Home in Lindisfarne.

Located not far from the stunning Derwent foreshore, the community is set within a lovely property that features plenty of flowers and plants. They give it a lovely and peaceful ambience in which to enjoy a relaxed life.

At Derwent, they offer a nice selection of room types, including standard rooms that have views of the gardens and shared ensuite facilities. Their premium rooms also have floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that offers lots of storage space and even a bar fridge.

The staff here include registered nurses who work around the clock. It also incorporates personal care assistants who specialise in hygiene care, dressing, and housekeeping services such as laundry and cleaning.

If you are a bookworm, you’ll love the well-stocked library here, and when you don’t feel like reading, there are plenty of social activities to keep you occupied.

Address: 7 Ballawinnie Road, Lindisfarne, TAS, 7015

Phone: (03) 6282 5200

Website: https://respect.com.au/aged-care-homes/derwent-views-formerly-freemasons/

St Ann’s

Originally established in the 1830s, St Ann’s is a well-established stalwart on the Hobart Nursing Home scene.

Now a very attractive housing option for seniors, the facility offers 111 beds across an impressive two-floor, contemporary building that is notable for its stunning exterior.

It is divided into three main sections, each with its own dining room and kitchenette. Within them are individual rooms, including 36 specifically designated for dementia care. All of them come with electric beds, nice furniture, and built-in wardrobes, as well as a suite of safety features, including shower guardrails.

St Ann’s draws upon a team of dedicated personal care assistants who help residents with a range of daily functions, such as hygiene, grooming, dressing, rubbish removal, and laundry. They do so with the minimum of fuss and utmost professionalism to ensure residents are able to live as comfortably as possible.

Address: 142 Davey St, Hobart, TAS 7000, Australia Hobart, TAS, 7000

Phone: (03) 6216 2266

Website: https://respect.com.au/aged-care-homes/st-anns/

Rosary Gardens

New Town is a beautiful suburb where you will find the Rosary Gardens. This excellent Hobart nursing home facility is known for its expansive and colourful gardens, which all resident rooms directly overlook.

The community is centrally located within the suburb and resides on level grounds, which means it is easy for residents to walk around and find a nice bench to sit on next to the fuchsias and roses.

Accommodation here is well laid out to allow residents to move about freely without the danger of bumping into furniture. Staff are also well versed in meeting the needs of each resident, so you can rest assured you will be well looked after.

Address: 85 Creek Road, New Town, TAS, 7008

Phone: 03 6214 9700

Wesbite: https://www.scctas.org.au/

Sandown Apartments Residential Aged Care

Forming part of the Sandown Village, this fabulous aged care facility is not far from Lower Sandy Bay Beach and the local shopping centre. So, it enjoys a terrific location to call home.

Set within a tranquil environment replete with numerous green spaces, residents are housed in spacious and comfortable digs designed to make living there easy. There are also plenty of shared dining and living areas where they can mingle with other seniors throughout the day.

What differentiates Sandown Apartments from many of its competitors is the level of knowledge, skills, and professionalism displayed by its staff. Its staff perfectly tailors and delivers its care services to ensure it provides residents with all the assistance they need, 24 hours a day.

No matter what your needs are, you can live safely with the knowledge that your best interests are being taken care of.

Address: Southerwood Drive, Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005

Phone: 03 6216 7100

Website: https://www.scctas.org.au/location/sandown-apartments/

Barrington Lodge Aged Care Centre

Another accomplished nursing home provider in New Town is Barrington Lodge.

This community specialises in providing customised care for seniors in Hobart. Residents enjoy security, comfort, and a shared sense of belonging.

It offers them homely units thoughtfully designed to enable them to live as freely as possible. They are located within comely gardens and feature skylights fitted in all rooms to make them feel bright and airy.

Through its accommodation options, services, amenities, and programmes, Barrington Lodge has been designed to give its residents all the comforts of living at home but within a supportive environment.

They encourage your family and friends to be active within the community and provide you with a range of services, including respite (short-term) care, palliative care, memory support and 24-hour permanent care.

Additionally, they work hard to promote a welcoming culture and one that supports your freedom to choose what services you receive and how.

Phone: 1300 111 227

Address: 120 Swanston Street, New Town, TAS, 7008

Website: https://agedcare.salvos.org.au/residential-aged-care/barrington-lodge-aged-care-centre/

Maranatha Hostel Rosny

Run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Maranatha Hostel in Rosny is an inclusive hostel that offers top-notch care and comfort for seniors wanting an affordable accommodation option.

Their contemporary facility is designed with a range of amenities to ensure an enjoyable stay.

Rooms are stylishly furnished and have ensuite bathrooms. There are also several communal living spaces where you can enjoy mingling with others and a wide range of social activities, including exercise classes, to keep you engaged and active.

Meal times here are also well anticipated, as the in-house chef prepares a delicious menu that caters to a range of tastes.

For those able to venture out and about, the Maranatha Hostel is within easy reach of several local

cafes and shops. There are also good public transport links if you want to go further afield.

Best of all, the hostel is run by experienced and polite staff who are available 24 hours a day to give residents the support and assistance they need to feel well-cared for, secure and safe at all times.

Phone: 0362 445980

Address: 4 Haven Court, Rosny, TAS, 7018

Queen Victoria Care

QVC is an impressive community-focused organisation that firmly puts the health and well-being of its residents at the heart of everything they do.

Another notable nursing home in the eastern shore suburb of Lindisfarne, the community offers picturesque views of the River Derwent. It also features vivid blooming gardens and an excellent selection of amenities, including a swimming pool and gym, on-site cafe, and hairdresser.

Backed by a legacy of 130 years of helping seniors live out their golden years in a dignified fashion, their service model is based on offering compassionate, respectful and individualised care that helps them maintain their independence.

Overall, the community incorporates independent living units, residential aged care, a wellness centre and several other related services.

They are also widely recognised within the industry for their use of innovative technologies that enable their staff to spend more time doing what residents need most. In other words, being looked after.

One such area where they do this is their clinical platform. It embraces new technological advances to enhance its processes for medication management.

Address: 13 Milford Street, Lindisfarne, TAS, 7015

Phone: 03 6243 3100

Website: https://qvcare.com.au/

Uniting AgeWell Queenborough Rise

Uniting AgeWell is an experienced and fully accredited aged care provider that is strongly committed to promoting the values of respect, kindness, innovation, integrity, and, perhaps more importantly, inclusion.

Set within a modern and buzzy residence in Sandy Bay, which overlooks Battery Point and the Derwent River, it is renowned for offering flexible and top-notch care in a warm and friendly environment.

One of Uniting AgeWell’s main USPs is that it recognises how different all its residents’ needs are. That is why it focuses on providing them with an outstanding level of support based on their independence, choice, and well-being.

Their staff work hard to ensure all residents feel like valued members of the community, no matter what level of support they require from them.

So, whether you require intensive support or just a little bit of extra help with everyday living, they will do all they can to help you get the most out of life.

Address: 1 Peel Street Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005

Phone: (03) 6283 4000

Website: https://www.unitingagewell.org/our-services/residential-care/queenborough-rise-community

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Eastern Suburbs Melbourne has to offer

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Eastern Suburbs Melbourne has to offer

If you are looking for a retirement village in Melbourne, the eastern suburbs have plenty of options for you to consider.

While choice can be a good thing, it can also present an issue when it comes to determining the right community for you.

With that in mind, we hope to save you a lot of hassle by presenting our selection of the ten best retirement villages you can stay at in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

These communities all offer unique selling points that are sure to make your golden years as enriching and fulfilling as they can possibly be. So it would be a good idea to focus your initial search on them.

Cherry Tree Grove

Nestled within the leafy suburb of Croydon, Cherry Tree Grove is a highly regard community that resides on spectacular grounds.

As it is only a half an hour drive east of the Melbourne CBD, residents have the convenience of living close to amenities like the Maroondah Golf Park, Maraoondah Hospital, Croydon Bowling Club and George Wood Performing Arts Centre. At the same time, they are also far enough away from it to enjoy a tranquil and laidback lifestyle without the foot traffic and noise.

Residents are able to enjoy a range of accommodation options that are designed to make daily life as comfortable and easy as possible. They also have the peace of mind of being looked after by friendly and professional staff who can assist them with anything they need.

Address: 67-81 Maroondah Highway, Croydon, Vic, 3136

Phone: 1800 954 332

Website: https://www.aveo.com.au/retirement-villages/vic/melbourne/cherry-tree-grove/

Parkglen Retirement Community

Over in the suburb of Keysborough, Parkglen is a charming community that provides seniors with a range of retirement living options, most notably independent units and assisted care apartments.

Known for being an inclusive community, this south east Melbourne community provides a range of stylish accommodations that have been thoughtfully designed with a fresh, vibrant colour scheme that complements any decor. The accommodation is close enough to other residents to provide social contact whenever they need it, but far enough away to remain independent.

Parkglen is a well laid out community that boasts plenty of green space where residents can relax. Additionally, the community lays on several recreational activities and day trips that enable residents to have fun and new experiences.

For those who like to be active, there are public transport links within easy walking distance of the village that can take you to various neighbouring suburbs. You can also reach a shopping complex on foot and a selection of cafes and eateries.

One of the best things about staying at Parkglen is that the staff provide an excellent continuity of care. This gives residents the peace of mind that hey will be well looked after, irrespective of what life might throw at them.

Address: 360 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough, VIC, 3173

Phone: 03 9798 1633

Website: https://www.parkglen.com.au/

Menzies Malvern

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Eastern Suburbs Melbourne has to offer

If you decide to take residency at Menzies Malvern, you’ll place yourself right in the middle of a community that places high importance on connection and wellbeing.

Comprising manicured gardens, deluxe amenities and a vibrant social events calendar run by a dedicated health and wellness coordinator, life is never dull for seniors who live here. They have access to a terrific selection of resort-style amenities which include a restaurant that serves up delicious and nutritious meals, a gym, swimming pool and on-site cinema.

Accommodations at Menzies are modern and well-appointed. They are contained within a secure community that is a stone’s throw from several cafes, restaurants and boutique shops.

Best of all, for those wanting to get their fix of culture the National Gallery of Victoria and Malvern community arts centre are easy to get to.

Address: 1306 High Street Malvern, VIC, 3144

Phone: 1800 550 550

Website: https://keyton.com.au/home/our-villages/vic/menzies-malvern

Lilydale Valley Views

If you are looking for a community that offers resort-style retirement living that is both safe and secure, then you can’t go wrong with Lilydale Valley Views.

Presenting a choice of deluxe villas, condominiums and terraces, as well as a private clubhouse, residents can enjoy an ideal blend of community and style.

At the heart of the village is the luxurious clubhouse, which features plenty of areas for relaxation, socialising and recreation. It is set within beautifully landscaped gardens that provide lots of opportunities to enjoy a stroll and stunning views of the Yarra Valley.

Overall, Lilydale Valley Views is designed to ensure that residents have access to all their preferred leisure pursuits and healthcare needs. Moreover, the stylish accommodation in which they stay is safe, secure and, most importantly, comfortable.

Address: 471 Maroondah Highway Lilydale, VIC, 3140

Phone: 03 9735 5944

Website: https://lilydalevalleyviews.com.au/

Toorak Place Retirement Village

Life at Toorak Place is all about leisure and community.

Located in the heart of Toorak Village, this retirement community has been designed around care and good company, offering a unique hotel-style village that is hard to find elsewhere.

Residents of Toorak Place are able to live in tranquil and spacious, apartments that come with private terraces offering delightful city views. Low-maintenance and open-plan, they feature modern amenities and have a real sense of homeliness.

If you decide to stay here, you will be able to access several shops, entertainment venues and restaurants in just a few minutes, either on foot or via public transport. Should you prefer to stay within the bosom of the community, there are plenty of activities you can partake in, including arts and crafts and bridge, with like-minded individuals.

Address: 28-30 Jackson Street Toorak, VIC, 3142

Phone: 03 9131 6202

Website: https://www.aveo.com.au/retirement-villages/vic/melbourne/toorak-place/

Athelstan Camberwell Apartments

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Eastern Suburbs Melbourne has to offer

Athelstan is a lovely retirement community that resides within the charming suburb of Camberwell. It is surrounded by elegant private gardens and homes that give it a sense of refinement and sophistication.

At Athelstan, the community has been set up to enable residents to life their best lives by relaxing and doing what they love. It offers them the choice of a range of activities that are based around making new friends and socialising with them.

The good thing about living here though is that there is no pressure to mingle. Therefore, if you want to have some time by yourself you can relax on your own. At the same time, you can venture out to the local community where you will find several attractions and amenities including shops, parks and eateries.

Address: 450 Camberwell Road Camberwell, VIC, 3124

Phone: 03 9809 1231

Website: https://vmch.com.au/retirement-living/athelstan-camberwell/

Tudor Village Lilydale

Lilydale is a delightful countryside suburb of Melbourne that is about an hour from the CBD. Regarded as the gateway to the Yarra Valley, it is known for its art galleries, vineyards, distilleries and restaurants and also has plenty of shops, eateries and medical facilities. As a result, the Tudor Village is a terrific option for those who want access to all these attractions and amenities and more.

Spread across 26 acres, it offers five-star resort facilities, comfortable accommodations, and a convivial community ambience. Seniors can make use of a well-stocked library that has a range of books across several genres. They can also go swimming at the indoor heated pool, enjoy a game of bowls, or socialise in the community centre.

Additionally, there are snooker nights, line dancing, happy hours, card games, botanical tours, fitness classes, and various other fun activities to keep residents entertained and engaged.

What sets Tudor apart from other retirement villages in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne is the quality of their accommodations. They have been stylishly designed to ensure all residents feel comfortable and safe and have various modern amenities to make their lives as hassle-free as possible.

Address: 520 Maroondah Highway, Lilydale, VIC, 3140

Phone: 03 97396122

Website: https://www.tudorvillage.com.au/

Latrobe Village

This thriving retirement community in the suburb of Reservoir provides residents with easy access to shops, dining venues, parkland as well as public transportation. So, it enables them to live the free lifestyle they are looking for.

Tucked away at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, it is surrounded by stunning parkland, making it an ideal spot for those who want to retire in the serenity of natural surroundings while at the same time being a part of a lively and welcoming community.

At Latrobe Village, you will always be close to the action. The village is conveniently located within walking distance of Summerhill Shopping Centre and CT Barling Reserve. At any time, you can easily access public transport, and there are regular outings laid on by courtesy of the village bus.

Latrobe Village has a vibrant social life and many opportunities to keep you busy. Residents will never run out of things to do as there are over 50 activities available each week in the Community Centre.

This means you have every opportunity to make new friends over a drink at the bar, partake in a game of lawn bowls, grow vegetables in the communal garden, or get creative in the workshop. Rest assured, there’s always plenty to do in this village.

Address: Village Drive Reservoir, VIC, 3073

Phone: 1300 098 000

Website: https://centennialliving.com.au/villages/latrobe-village/

Balmoral Village

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Eastern Suburbs Melbourne has to offer

Surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, Balmoral Village is a vibrant and bustling community in Wantirna South.

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac, it features well-maintained and modern units, spacious areas and a range of community facilities designed to make the lives of their residents as happy and carefree as possible.

They offer a range of one to three-bedroom villa units, along with one-bedroom apartments, which are all refurbished to the highest standard. Each of them comes with undercover parking or garages. Additionally, they also offer storage facilities for boats, caravans, or trailers, as well as visitor parking for family and friends.

Their community club centre is the hub of social activity in the village. Managed by a dedicated activities coordinator, it offers more than 30 activity groups. Facilities include a state-of-the-art bowling green, spa, swimming pool, multi-purpose room, restaurant and croquet lawn. In addition, residents can also play on a full-size billiard table, watch Foxtel in the TV room, or get creative in a fully equipped workshop.

Staff at the Balmoral Village are committed to ensuring that their resident’s unit, appliances, and garden areas are all well-maintained. They also pride themselves in being supportive, quick acting and empathetic in case of emergencies.

Address: 300 Ridge Road Wantirna South, VIC, 3152

Phone: 03 9800 1333

Website: https://www.balmoralvillage.com.au/

Classic Residences

Over in Brighton, the Classic Residences is an award-winning retirement village that offers a contemporary lifestyle within the framework of a warm and welcoming community.

Back in 2021, the retirement village took out the Blueforce Awards for Best Refurbishment, which gives a good indication of how impressive the community is.

Situated around 15 km from the Melbourne CBD, the village sits within manicured gardens that offer exceptional amenities, plenty of community spaces and premium services. It offers a selection of contemporary accommodations that ooze style and comfort and are equipped with several amenities that fall on the side of upscale.

The community is a terrific base for those who want to live in a secure and congenial environment. It is also close to several cafes, medical services, shopping centres and parks, for those who want to regularly venture out and about.

Address: 3 Brewer Road Brighton East, VIC, 3187

Phone: 1800 550 550

Website: https://keyton.com.au/home/our-villages/vic/classic-residences

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Kiama and Illawarra have to offer

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Kiama and Illawarra have to offer

For those looking for retirement villages, Kiama and Illawarra have some fabulous options.

Located on the southeastern coast of NSW the region, which is close to the cities of Wollongong and Shellharbour, Kiama is best known for the magnificent Kiama Blowhole.

It is also one of the best whale watching spots in the state and has an excellent collection of beaches, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues to enjoy at your leisure.

If you like the idea of spending your golden years in this beautiful part of the world, you can choose between some fabulous communities in the town and the surrounding suburbs.

Outlined below is a selection of 10 of the best retirement villages Kiama and Illawarra have to offer. We suggest you focus your initial search on these providers.

Blue Haven Village Kiama

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Kiama and Illawarra have to offer

For over 45 years, Blue Haven has been a leading option in Kiama for those wanting an accomplished independent retirement living option.

A charming village set among beautiful landscaped gardens, Blue Haven offers serviced apartments, independent living units and a residential aged care facility. All of these apartments are thoughtfully designed to ensure residents can live comfortably, safely and with various conveniences at their disposal.

At the heart of the village is a community centre where residents can mingle and enjoy a range of social activities organised by the staff who run it. In addition, they can also take out a book from the well-stocked library and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in an outdoor seating area.

Address: 55 Thompson Street, Kiama, NSW, 2533

Phone: (02) 4203 4055

Website: https://bluehavenillawarra.com.au/

Cedar on Collins

Accommodating only 56 apartments, this intimate community in Collins Street offers a range of one- to three-bedroom apartments that are perfectly set up to live an engaging, comfortable and secure life.

Surrounded by beautiful nature, Cedar is a buzzy community with a coastal ambience that features plenty of amenities and services that give it a distinct resort-style feel. This includes concierge services as well as a lounge, art rooms, wine cellar, gymnasium and workshop. It also has a wonderful open-roof terrace that makes a great spot to enjoy an al fresco meal or beverage.

Residents with a car can access the Sutherland Shire within an hour’s drive and the Sydney CBD within 90 minutes. Closer to the community is a good selection of shops, cafes and cultural attractions, including the fascinating Pilot’s Cottage Museum.

Address: 33 Collins Street Kiama, NSW, 2533

Phone: 02 4255 0454

Website: https://cedarkiama.com.au/

Farmborough Grove

Over in the nearby suburb of Unanderra on a site that runs alongside the picturesque Charcoal Creek, resides the charming Farnborough Grove community.

Set around beautiful manicured gardens, the village features a stunning collection of spacious and homely accommodations that feature private bathrooms, open living spaces and contemporary kitchens with modern appliances. The great thing about these properties are that they are located close enough to other residents to not feel isolated, but far enough away to maintain a level of independence.

Throughout the village, there are several places where you can read a good book or listen to your Spotify playlist while soaking up the sun. You can also take in superb views of the Saddleback Mountain range whilst going for a walk in its gardens.

Community is a big thing at Farnborough Grove, and several social activities are regularly organised, including dances, quiz nights and arts and craft activities to encourage residents to mingle.

For those who want to venture into town and beyond, there is a regular bus service run by Premier Illawarra, with a bus stop directly out the front of the village. Additionally, the Unanderra train station is not too far away.

Address: 66 Waples Road, Unanderra, NSW, 2526

Phone: 1800 864 846

Website: https://www.uniting.org/services/retirement-and-independent-living/facility/uniting-farmborough-grove-unanderra

Hillcrest Village

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Kiama and Illawarra have to offer

The Hillcrest Village in Stanwell Park is a terrific option for those who want to live in upscale accommodation.

Designed by experts who excel in creating floor plans specifically for the betterment of senior’s lives, these units are elegant, contemporary and have a nice flow to them.

Nestled within 4.7 spectacular hectares of landscaped gardens and rolling bushland, this village is a stone’s throw from Stanwell Park beach which means you can surf, swim or beach walk whenever you want. Moreover, for those who want to head into the heart of Sydney, the CBD is around a one hour drive away.

All up, the village contains 28 units available that have either one-, two- or three bedrooms. Featuring ecologically sustainable designs, they provide residents with independence, privacy and an exceptional range of modern amenities.

Contemporary kitchens, deluxe bathrooms, reverse cycle air-conditioning, private garage and outdoor access and stunning bathrooms are just some of the many aspects that make seniors feel instantly at home. Additionally, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floorboards add a real ‘wow’ factor.

One of the best things about living at Hillcrest Village is that the staff there will do all the garden and unit maintenance for you. So, you can focus on living your best and most relaxed life.

Address: 1a Railway Crescent, Stanwell Park, NSW, 2508

Phone: 02 8197 9304

Website: https://upasydney.org.au/retirement-village-hillcrest/

Lakeview Shellharbour

How does living in an inviting and inclusive community down by the seaside sound to you? Well, that is exactly what you can do at Lakeview Shellharbour.

Comprising 78 pet-friendly apartments that are ideally suited to independent living, as well as 25 villas, this much sought-after community has a location that is central to several services and amenities in the local area. This includes a hospital, Stockland Shellharbour, restaurants, cafes and public transport.

Inside the community, residents can enjoy an active social life, much of which takes place in the clubroom, where they can enjoy a meal, drink and plenty of quiet corners to chat with like-minded friends.

When they are feeling sporty, they can enjoy a game of bocce or brush up on their golf skills on the putting green. The onsite gardens are also a lovely place to stroll around and get some exercise.

Address: 19 Wallaroo Drive Shellharbour, NSW, 2529

Phone: 1800 864 846

Website: https://www.uniting.org/services/retirement-and-independent-living/facility/uniting-lakeview-shellharbour

Oak Tree Retirement Village

If you’re a senior looking to lead a relaxed retirement lifestyle, then Moss Vale is the place to be!

This charming town, about a two-hour drive from both Sydney and Canberra, is the agricultural hub for the Southern Highlands. So, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes of rolling fields and swathes of tranquillity.

For those wanting a low-maintenance lifestyle, the Oak Tree Retirement Village boasts 39 homes, which gives it a more intimate feel than other larger communities. They take the form of elegant two- and three-bedroom brick villas that have been meticulously designed with the safety and comfort of their residents in mind.

Each home comes with ducted air-conditioning to keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. They also feature spacious and well-equipped kitchens with sleek bench tops that are easy to clean and dishwashers that will make your life a lot easier.

Other impressive elements of the homes are the large bathrooms that come with walk-in showers, private outdoor areas that are perfect for entertaining and lock up garages with convenient internal access.

Oak Tree is another community that offers an active social life for its residents, as well as the peace of mind of not having to do any of the gardening or general maintenance around their home.

Address: 50 Willow Drive, Moss Vale, NSW, 2577

Phone: 0447 378 042

Website: https://www.oaktreegroup.com.au/location/moss-vale/

Jettys by the Lake

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Kiama and Illawarra have to offer

Over in the suburb of Windang, which is about 20 km north of Kiama, Jettys by the Lake is a retirement village that provides residents with stunning waterfront views of Lake Illawarra.

Situated close to local shops, cafes, beaches and medical services, you won’t need to travel far to get to where you want to go if you decide to stay here.

Homes here are well maintained and decked out to provide a sense of cosiness and homeliness that residents will instantly be enamoured with. They also possess plenty of safety features to ensure they have the peace of mind of being secure in their own homes.

As well as its beautiful location, Jettys by the Lake provides seniors with plenty of fun activities to partake in throughout the week, including dancing, quiz nights and exercise classes.

Address: 210 Windang Road, Windang, NSW, 2528

Phone: (02) 4297 2083

Website: https://hampshirevillages.com.au/our-villages/jettys-by-the-lake/

Warrigal Lake Illawarra

The Warrigal Lake community offers 30 coastal villas in a prime location, which makes it perfect for seniors who want to lead an active and engaging lifestyle while still having their needs tendered to as and when required.

Conveniently located near the beach and shops, the village has a bus stop right out the front of it which makes visiting the wider community very straight forward if you don’t have access to a car.

The staff here also lay on a variety of recreational and social activities, which are designed to help residents feel connected, engaged and fulfilled with their daily lives here.

Accommodations come in various configurations and are well maintained by the onsite staff. They feature state-of-the-art amenities and security measures that are designed to make residents feel more independent and secure.

Address: 1-7 Grove Circuit Lake, Illawarra, NSW, 2528

Phone: 1800 626 670

Website: https://www.warrigal.com.au/location/warrigal-lake-illawarra/

St Luke’s Village

Located close to the picturesque Wollongong escarpment, this retirement village in Dapto offers a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle for those who choose to live here. This impressive community boasts spacious gardens and breathtaking views, as well as a strong sense of togetherness, which manifests itself with close connections to local churches.

If you’re feeling active, there are plenty of things you can choose to do, including attending a craft class, joining an exercise group, tending your own vegetable patch, or playing carpet bowls. The village also hosts regular quiz nights and has a quaint barbecue area where residents can cook up steaks and snags.

The accommodation at St Luke’s is bright and spacious accommodation. Comprising self-contained two-bedroom units and duplex, free-standing villas, all of which have lounge areas, modern kitchens, and dining spaces, they are designed to meet the varying needs of all residents.

Moreover, the village is close to excellent transport links, which include a bus that provides easy access to local markets, parks, medical facilities and shops. Close by, there is also a golf club and bowls club which welcomes seniors.

Address: St Lukes Retirement Village, 4 Lindsay Evans Place, Dapto NSW 2530

Phone: 1300 111 278

Website: https://www.anglicare.org.au/seniors/retirement-living/locations/dapto/

Warrigal Albion Park

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Kiama and Illawarra have to offer

The Warrigal retirement village at Albion Park provides a serene environment for seniors to live in, which is strongly focused on convenience and connectivity.

The village is made up of 16 pet-friendly garden villas that all have contemporary designs and easy-to-live-in layouts. Conceived to provide residents with a homely and comfortable experience, they feature warm tones, inviting spaces and elevated amenities that always keep your mood high.

At Warrigal Albion Park, you can enjoy easy access to a range of local attractions, including the stunning South Coast beaches, entertainment options, shopping facilities, and eateries. Moreover, the community offers a comprehensive range of support services to ensure that every level of their resident’s care needs are met.

Address: 7-19 O’Gorman Street, Albion Park, NSW, 2527

Phone: (02) 4257 4257

Website: https://www.warrigal.com.au/

10 Popular Retirement Villages Dural Has To Offer!

10 Popular Retirement Villages Dural Has To Offer!

If you are at that stage of your life when you are contemplating entering a retirement village in Dural, you’ll be pleased to read there are around 45 options available in the semi-rural suburb and surrounding areas.

While you should take the time to evaluate which one is best for your particular needs and preferences, it’s a bit impractical to research all of them.

So, to help you, we have put together this list of ten of the best Dural retirement villages you might want to focus your initial search on.

Having done the due diligence on them for you, we believe they represent excellent places to spend your golden years.

Rowland Village

Located in Galston, Rowland Village is set on 55 acres of beautiful rural land that offers superb views of the neighbouring bush and parklands. However, despite this seemingly remote location, it is just a short drive to the North Shore and Hills District.

Accommodating over 200 residents, most of whom wanted independent-living, Rowland Village offers an excellent range of places to stay. They include one- to three-bedroom villas, cosy apartments and quaint cottages that are perfectly set up for this kind of lifestyle.

That said, for resident’s peace of mind, each property comes equipped with care staff who are available 24/7 and emergency call buttons to contact them if needed.

Those who live here can enjoy a variety of services and activities to keep their days busy. A parade of local shops is just a short walk from the village, while there is also a convenient onsite bus that can take you to various social activities and local landmarks.

Address: 301 Galston Road Galston, NSW, 2159

Phone: 02 9653 4920

Website: https://rsllifecare.org.au/location/retirement-villages/galston-rowland-village/

Bramblewood Retirement Village

10 Popular Retirement Villages Dural Has To Offer!

This deluxe and fulfilling retirement community in Normanhurst is run and managed by RetireAustralia. It prides itself on providing residents with a range of essential amenities that help them enjoy an active, safe, and comfortable retirement.

The village is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and features stylishly-appointed and spacious independent living units that will instantly make you feel at home. Each of them is furnished with a selection of modern amenities including air conditioning, private courtyards or balconies and fitted kitchens, which create a rather upscale feel.

In terms of recreational facilities, Bramblewood features an elegant clubhouse, which is perfect forhosting recreational activities and social events. It also has a swimming pool and well equipped gymnasium for those who want to stay fit. Additionally, a range of shops and restaurants can easily be reached via a short bus or car ride.

Address: 33 Denman Parade Normanhurst, NSW, 2076

Phone: 1300 68 77 38

Website: https://retireaustralia.com.au/communities/bramblewood/

St Ermes Court

This elegant independent living community is located in the peaceful suburb of Wahroonga, not far from North Sydney. It is managed by UPA North Sydney and is notable for showcasing exceptional attention to detail, which manifests itself in everything from the expertly designed apartments to the communal facilities and manicured gardens.

Offering a selection of one and two-bedroom apartments, each of them features open-plan living spaces and modern amenities. They also are flooded with plenty of natural light and capture picturesque views of the breathtaking scenery of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

For those who want to venture out and about, the community is situated close to several shopping centres, cafes and medical services. However, should they want to stay in, it also offers various recreational and social activities, including movie nights, games, fitness classes and a swimming pool to keep them mentally and physically active.

Address: 5 – 7 Isis Street Wahroonga, NSW, 2076

Phone: (02) 9487 1337

Website: https://www.upa.org.au/

Mountainview Retreat

If you are looking for a retirement village that helps you to live your best life then Mountainview Retreat is an excellent option.

Located at Round Corner, within the suburb of Dural, this Strata Title Retirement Village showcases superb views of the Blue Mountains. It is also situated close to the Round Corner Shopping Centre, where you will find an Aldi and Woolworths supermarket, as well as several speciality shops.

Accommodations here have been thoughtfully designed to give residents just enough space to not feel claustrophobic but not too much to feel isolated. They come with a range of amenities that make living in them very easy and comfortable.

All units are located close to the swimming pool and village centre, where residents can enjoy a range of services and amenities including games rooms, hairdresser, library and lounge, with like-minded others.

It is worth noting that as it is a Strata Title Retirement Village, you will incur Management Fees and Strata Levies if you want to stay here.

Address: 1 Stonelea Court Dural, NSW, 2158

Phone: 0418 237 224

Website: https://mvrretirement.com.au/

Uniting Kentgrove Independent Living

10 Popular Retirement Villages Dural Has To Offer!

Nestled in a serene rural neighbourhood, Kentgrove is the perfect retirement village for those who want to become part of a friendly community that enjoys a relaxed and casual lifestyle.

Providing you with the freedom of independent living and the convenience of being just a 2-minute drive away from Kenthurst Shopping Centre, the village offers a range of apartments and villas that showcase views of leafy gardens.

Most of these accommodations come with balconies or private courtyards that enable you to take them in over a cup of tea or lunch. They also feature their own bathroom, spacious living area and comfortable bedrooms, which provide you with the sanctuary you need for a good night’s sleep.

If you have a car, you will be able to park it onsite for an additional weekly fee. You will also have easy access to the M2 as the turn-off for it is located just a short distance from the village’s entrance.

Address: 2c Jones Road Kenthurst, NSW, 2156

Phone: 1800 864 846

Website: https://www.uniting.org/services/retirement-and-independent-living/facility/uniting-kentgrove-kenthurst

The Woniora

Operated by the Springwood Living Group, The Woniora is a luxurious residential community that resides in the upmarket suburb of Wahroonga.

What sets this community apart from others is that it boasts an unparalleled design standard that is the epitome of elegance. Each apartment is designed to meet the resident’s varying needs and preferences and range from spacious studio apartments to the larger units that come with balconies or balconies. They are also equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and finishes that not only have a real ‘wow’ factor to them, but also ensure the highest level of comfort and functionality.

Aside from the wonderful accommodations, those who live here can work out in a well-equipped fitness centre, enjoy a BBQ with friends on its tranquil rooftop garden and socialise with other residents in the lounge.

Just outside of the village, you’ll find a range of cafes, shops, galleries and other recreational amenities that enable you to pursue your hobbies, interests and passions.

Address: 9 Woniora Ave Wahroonga, NSW, 2076

Phone: 0408365581

Website: https://thewoniora.com.au/

Glenhaven Green Village

There is no question about it: Glenhaven Green is a wonderful place to enjoy your retirement.

Those who live here can enjoy a peaceful life surrounded by beautiful bushland. Yet, at the same time, they have easy access to market gardens, florists, tea houses and nurseries, as well as golf courses and other sports facilities, which enable them to live a mentally and physically enriching lifestyle.

Additionally, the village offers a range of social activities, including dancing, snooker, table tennis and model yacht racing. Tai Chi and aqua aerobics classes are also available for those who want to keep fit, while regular crafting groups can help get your creative juices flowing.

When it comes to accommodation, Glenhaven Green offers some of the best of any retirement village in the area. Their stylish, spacious and architect-designed homes, range from single level, one bedroom semi-detached villas to three bedroom, freestanding villas.

All of them are well set up with a number of living spaces, ample storage and even a separate study or work nook to help you work, rest and play. Unlike other villages on this list, all homes at Glenhaven come with a single or double-car garage that even has a workshop area.

Address: 599-607 Old Northern Road Glenhaven, NSW, 2156

Phone: 1300 111 278

Website: https://www.anglicare.org.au/seniors/retirement-living/locations/glenhaven/

Marston Living

10 Popular Retirement Villages Dural Has To Offer!

Marston Living is a new resort-style retirement village in the suburb of Galston that provides elegant and affordable living options for retirees.

The village is designed with modern aesthetics in mind and features bright and open living spaces, that feature sleek lines and a fabulous flow between living areas. They also feature exceptional quality finishes and fixtures, such as Miele appliances in the kitchen and multi-zone ducted air conditioning, which will elevated your levels of comfort or style.

Residents are able to access a range of community facilities including a swimming pool, gym, recreation hall, movie theatre and outdoor barbeque area. There is even a function room, kitchen and communal dining room they can use and even a doctor and hairdresser that visits on a regular basis.

Address: 392 Galston Road Galston, NSW, 2159

Phone: 0420 306 668

Website: http://www.marstonliving.com.au/galston/

Levande ‘The Cambridge’

The Cambridge, one of Epping’s newest retirement communities, has quickly developed a reputation for celebrating family, community, and comfort.

This unique retirement living community is located in a lively multigenerational precinct within a thriving neighbourhood.

Residents can choose between one-, two- or three- bedroom apartments, some of which even have studies or penthouse suites. Installed with ducted air conditioning and featuring a range of European appliances, these generously sized apartments feature spacious private balconies and open plan living areas. They also come with keyless entry and emergency call system for added security.

When not in their apartment, they can enjoy a game of billiards, watch a movie in the tiered seating cinema or enjoy a dip in the heated indoor swimming pool. Alternatively, they can work out in the fitness centre or enjoy a BBQ in the alfresco lounge.

Address: Cambridge Street Epping, NSW, 2121

Phone: 0421 279 288

Website: https://www.levande.com.au/community/thecambridge/

Living Choice Galston

10 Popular Retirement Villages Dural Has To Offer!

Living Choice has recently opened a new retirement community in Galston on a 3.7 hectare site. It features forty different two- and three-bedroom villas that come with one or two garages, which means couples can live together and park both of their cars.

As you would expect from a provider like Living Choice, the amenities here are world class. Its leisure centre has a spacious auditorium that boasts a surround sound cinema and stage. Elsewhere within it, you will find an indoor heated swimming pool and spa, fully-equipped gymnasium, residents’ bar, beauty and hair salon and a large library,. There are also several wellness and medical rooms and a big arts and crafts studio.

Outside of the centre, there is a bocce court, a putting green and a beautiful BBQ area that sits near a terrace garden. Not far from its entrance, there is an Aldi supermarket, medical centre, bottle shop, and the Galston Aquatic Centre, which are within a short driving distance.

Address: 330-334 Galston Rd Galston, NSW, 2159

Phone: 1800 797 333

Website: https://www.livingchoice.com.au/retirement-villages-sydney/galston/

Will the Retirement Age in Australia increase?

According to the professional services firm KPMG, Australians are retiring at an average age not seen for over 50 years.

That’s due in part, apparently, to more 55+ year olds remaining in the workforce during the COVID pandemic. Indeed, one in every five members of the workforce is currently aged 55 and over and it doesn’t look like that figure is going to reduce any time soon.

Terry Rawnsley, who works as an urban economist for the company, recently revealed that the average retirement age in 2022/23 for women was 64.8 and men 66.2. Both are the highest levels recorded since 1971 and 1972 respectively.

During an appearance on ABC News Breakfast, Rawnsley even posited that many older people during the COVID-19 era were forced to put their retirement travel and lifestyle plans on hold. Subsequently, choosing to keep working in order to maintain a level of social interaction and human contact.

So what does this mean for senior Aussies?

In this article, we will take a look at this question in more detail.

Growing Labour Force

During the period of 2019 to 2021, the labour force in Australia increased to the tune of 185,000 workers. Of them, over 70% (127,000) were aged 55 or over.

However, as international migration returned and more Aussies under the age of 55 secured employment, the presence of over-55s in the labour force had dropped to 21.3% by 2023.

Back in 2003, the average age of Australian women who retired was 61.6, some 3.2 years before the women of today.

By contrast, men retired, on average, at 63.3, just under three years (2.9), earlier than at present. Interestingly the age gap between when men and women retired on average has stayed similar despite the passing of time.

One reason for this could be because the behaviours of both women and men in the labour market have become more in sync. Previously, women were able to retire early than men because they were able to access their pension at a slightly younger age.

Rawnsley went on record as saying that as men and women can access their pension when they reach their ‘preservation age’, the figures are likely to converge in the near future.

Reasons for Growth

So why is the labour force growing among the over 55s?

Here are some of the main factors driving this increase that the study found.

1. Geographic Location

KPMG’s study also revealed that where you live had a slight influence on your retirement age.

For women, Perth had the highest average age for retirement in the country at 65.5, while for men, Melbourne came out on top with 66.8.

This is compared to Brisbane, which came out lowest for both women and men, respectively, at 64.8 and 66.4 years old.

Rawnsley suggested this might be due to the labour market being tighter in Melbourne and Perth and a trend for people in Brisbane to seachange to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

2. Semi-Retirement

The study also found a rise in semi-retirement which is seeing people reduce the number of days or hours they work.

According to Rawnsley, there was sizeable evidence that people were leaving the workforce to pursue hobbies such as playing golf or gardening, only to get bored with the excess amounts of free time they have and yearn to return to the workforce on a part-time basis.

3. Career Change

Another reason that older Australians remain in the workforce for longer is because many are consciously changing their careers later in life and, therefore, feel they have more still to achieve on a professional level.

The days of people staying in one industry, let alone a job for 30 to 40 years, are long gone. Instead, Gen X has grown up in a time where it is perfectly acceptable to have two or three completely different and unrelated careers in your working life.

As a result more older Aussies than ever want to test themselves in a professional sense, resulting in them seeking fulfilment and challenges, they might not otherwise have sought.

4. Income Generation

Remember that phrase ‘life begins at 60s’?

Well, while this was initially coined to encourage people to live frugally and focus solely on working, many Aussies are determined to live their best age now – however old they are.

People tend to go out to eat, treat themselves to new purchases and spend more money on entertainment than they arguably ever have.

Moreover, with the rising of technology fuelling the desire for ‘much have’ items like streaming services, digital devices and other lifestyle products, people having saved up as much in their super as Aussies did from even 20 years ago.

5. Rising cost of living

The cost of living is at levels never before experienced.

The average mortgage size for an owner-occupied home is $615,000 in Australia, while the median rent is $601 a week. Petrol is regularly around $2 per litre, and Tim Tams are often sold for over $4 a packet!

For many Australians, they simply feel like the cost of living is too high for them to retire just at the moment. Which is why they choose to remain in the workforce a little bit longer.

6. It is easier than ever to stay in the workforce

Depending on the job they do, many over 55s are staying in the workforce because it is easy to do so.

This is especially true for white-collar workers who use computers for their work, particularly as many companies allow you to work remotely in some capacity.

7. Later access to Superannuation

Another factor why Aussies are remaining in the workforce until a later age is that due to recent changes by the government, they can no longer access their Superannuation at the age of 55, but now have to wait until they are 60.

Official Retirement Age and Pension Access

Recently, the government made some changes to the official retirement age and pension access.

As a result, Aussies will have to wait until the age of 65 to access their superannuation if they are still working and 67 to access their pension from Centrelink.

Whilst this news was received much better than in France, when changes made by the government led to riots, there is some concern among advocates for seniors.

The trend over the last 20 years showed a 0.1 year increase in the retirement age for each year. This means that if the trend continues, many older Australians might be working until they are 70 years old.

However, while a few see this as a negative, Rawnsley points to some positives of working for a longer period of time. Principally this involves making more money for longer, which will push back the need for accessing your age pension.

It also might reduce some of the burden placed on the younger members of the work force whose taxes will otherwise have to cover the pension base of retirees.

Final Thought

Whether the retirement age actually pushes up to 70 by the year 2044 remains to be seen.

However, with the average age currently projected to be 85 years for men and 89.7 for women at that time, there is a good chance that you will have to fund between 15 and 20 years as a minimum of your retirement.

Therefore, maybe we shouldn’t be fixating on how old we will be when we retire, but rather how much money we will have at the age we finally decided to stop working.

9 of the best Retirement Villages Forster and Mid North Coast region NSW offers

9 of the best Retirement Villages Forster and Mid North Coast region NSW offers

Did you know? There are just under 120 retirement villages in Forster and the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales.

This means that if you are searching for somewhere to live out your golden years you are spoilt for choice!

Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing, because how do you determine which community is the right one for you?

For this reason, it is good to work with a shortlist. Which is why we have done the hard work for you, to come up with a list of the nine best retirement villages Forster and Mid North Coast region has to offer.

All of these places represent good communities that will help you to live your best life.

Palm Lake Resort

You could be forgiven for thinking you were in the Florida Keys if you stay at the Palm Lake Resort.

Overall, there are 400 properties here that have been inspired by the tropical destination which reside in areas of lush greenery and are decked out with truly world-class amenities.

These timeless designs are notable for embracing the concept of indoor-outdoor living that allows for free-flowing spaces and floods of natural light. They also come with ducted and zoned air conditioning and state-of-the-art security systems that offer residents peace of mind.

Located around the shoreline of Wallis Lake, Forster is surrounded by shimmering estuaries and beautiful beaches, which makes it a terrific playground for those who enjoy playing in the water. If you are an active senior you can also marvel at the breathtaking views at Bennetts Head lookout.

Perched on a rocky outcrop, it offers sweeping vistas of the surrounding coastal sands, cliffs and the sparkling waters of the Tasman Sea. Alternatively, you can venture further west along the Bicentennial Walk to Second Head lookout, which is a prime spot for viewing the Forster Ocean Baths and the general town of Tuncurry.

Address: 6 Tea Tree Road, Forster NSW 2428

Phone: 1800 577 542

Website: https://palmlakeresort.com.au/forster-lakes/

Dalpura Retirement Community

If you are looking for a retirement village where you can enjoy both an invigorating outdoor lifestyle and drinking leisurely cups of tea as a gentle sea breeze cools you down then the Dalpura community is a terrific option.

Located within the popular Coffs Harbour area, this village comprises 24 modern and spacious one-bedroom villas which have been thoughtfully designed for low maintenance living. They offer relaxed and affordable living in a comfortable environment that boasts open plan living areas, quaint outdoor courtyards, and emergency assistance available 24/7.

Residents can enjoy a lovely community space, which includes a full kitchen and a library which has plenty of books on various subjects available to read. Additionally, there are several outdoor and indoor areas they can share with family and friends, while regular social events are organised throughout the week including arts and crafts and exercise classes.

The village is close to the centre of Coffs Harbour, which is easily accessible by public transport. It is also within walking distance of the restaurants, shops, cinema and services contained within the large Park Beach Plaza. At the same time, the nearby beachfront offers a good place to sunbathe or enjoy various cultural and entertainment attractions.

One of the best things about living at Dalpura is that the buildings and grounds are well-maintained by the grounds maintenance team. This means residents don’t have to concern themselves with having to get little jobs done. Should they have any issues, a Community Manager is always available to give seniors the support they need.

Address: 9 Bray Street Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450

Phone: 02 6600 9849

Website: https://freshhope.org.au/retirement/dalpura-retirement-community/

Calvary Mount Carmel Village

9 of the best Retirement Villages Forster and Mid North Coast region NSW offers

If location is important to you, then the stunning rural views of the neighbouring countryside on offer at the Calvary Mount Carmel Village should instantly appeal.

The village features a nice collection of two-bedroom independent living units that come with relaxed outdoor spaces, some of which contain their own wraparound verandas. As they are bright, homely, and equipped with air-conditioning, internal garage access and separate laundry facilities, they are perfect for seniors who want to downsize.

The close-knit community is ideal for individuals who value their health, family and independence. Moreover, each of the independent living units is fitted with a 24-hour emergency call system, this provides residents with immediate access to support when they need it.

Due to its central location, not far from the Maitland Shopping Centre, those who live here can enjoy an active social life and good transport links. Onsite, there is a hair salon which enables residents to get a quick styling whenever they want. There is also a village bus that can take them out and about to various outings in the local community and beyond.

Address: 9 Dwyer Street Maitland, NSW, 2320

Phone: 1800 527272

Website: https://www.calvarycare.org.au/ourservices/retirement-villages/mt-carmel-maitland-nsw/

Sunrise Supported Living

Sunrise is a residential community in Tuncurry that is committed to supporting their resident’s lifestyle and way of life. This is a community that enables you to maintain your independent lifestyle while receiving as much help as you need, in the form of 24-hour care in the privacy of your own villa unit and within a supportive and secure community.

The team at Sunrise, prioritise helping residents maintain their dignity and sense of independence. Their range of services allow seniors to make choices about the level of support they would like. By working with them to tailor the right care services to meet their preferences and needs, they give residents the confidence of knowing that they provide the right type of care and support for them within quality housing accommodation.

One of the best things about sunrise is that couples can stay together in their own home, even if they need different levels of care. Being based in the Forster/Tuncurry area, they also have access to medical clinics, pharmacies and pathology services. Additionally, the main street accommodates a bakery, takeaway shops, clothing outlets and a hairdresser.

For active seniors, Stockland’s Shopping Centre, can be reached within a 15-minute bus ride. There is a bus stop directly outside the front of the village for ease of access, while taxis can easily be ordered. The village also offers its own bus transportation for day trips and other recreational outings.

Address: 11A Chapmans Road Tuncurry, NSW, 2428

Phone: 02 5528 5001

Website: https://sunrisesupportedlivingtuncurry.com.au/


Monterey is a highly-regarded land lease community in Kendall, about 30 km from Port Macquaries, the regional centre of the Mid North Coast region of NSW.

The community has been developing to help those aged 55 and above live out a busy and enriching retirement. It is small enough to make you feel like you are on a secluded

holiday destination but is also large enough to provide you with the daily conveniences you would rather not do without.

Accommodations at Monterey are stylish and comfortable and feature a range of amenities to ensure where you live really feels like home. There is also several social hubs where residents and mingle with each other and take part in various recreational activities on site.

Outside of the community, if you love spending time at the beach, you can find beautiful ones such as Dunbogan Beach, North Haven Beach and Pilot Beach, within less than a 20 minute drive. While the town of Kendall Town has several tennis courts, a local swimming pool, a post office, general store, and a community centre.

Elsewhere the Kew Country Club, provides golf and bowls and there are several bushwalks, look outs, national parks, and picnic areas in close proximity. This means there is always something to do in the area.

Address: Batar Creek Road, Kendall, NSW, 2439

Phone: 0475 111 575

Website: https://www.allam.com.au/find-estate/monterey

Evermore Retirement Living

9 of the best Retirement Villages Forster and Mid North Coast region NSW offers

If you decide to stay at the Evermore Retirement Living in Forster you’ll feel like you are in a 5-star holiday resort.

The community features a couple of locations Solaris on Lake Street and Bruce St Forster which both offer their residents a deluxe and peaceful lifestyle. The smart architectural design of the apartments offer convenience, comfort and style that will instantly make you feel at home.

Providing you with everything you need at your fingertips, you can choose to live in a spacious one-, two-, or three- bedroom apartments, knowing that high-quality aged care services are always available if you ever need it.

For extra peace of mind, the resort is not far from the Forster Private Hospital, medical precincts, and other aged care providers that can provide you with the necessary medical care as and when you need it.

Address: 18-30 Bruce Street Forster, NSW, 2428

Phone: 1300 670 906

Website: https://evermoreliving.com.au/

Levande Golden Ponds

Promoting itself as a sea change retreat, Levande Golden Ponds is a beautiful retirement lifestyle that is surrounded by 32 acres of lush gardens, water features and rainforest.

Set between the stunning beaches of Forster and the scenic Wallis Lake, the community offers a terrific selection of villas with easy access at ground-level to ensure seniors can easily enter and exit their homes.

The village accommodates a nice range of outdoor facilities including a spa, swimming pool and undercover BBQ area. It also hosts regular social activities including both outdoor and indoor bowls, a vegetable garden club and exercise classes.

Located just 2 km to the major Stockland Shopping Centre in Forster, the village is also close to the Forster Private Hospital, In addition, courtesy buses are run by the local sports, bowls and memorial clubs.

Address: Cape Hawke Drive Forster, NSW, 2428

Phone: 0458 154 002

Website: https://www.levande.com.au/community/golden-ponds/

Jacaranda Grove

With its breathtaking natural surroundings and modern amenities, Jacaranda Grove is the perfect retirement destination for those seeking a peaceful and active lifestyle in a welcoming and supportive community.

Situated in the lively regional town of Grafton, this charming over 50s community has an excellent reputation for being a great place for seniors to live.

The community features a variety of spacious and stylish homes that have been designed for low-maintenance living, which is ideal for those seeking a relaxed and carefree retirement.

Thanks to its prime location, residents have easy access to a range of medical facilities, local shops and recreational activities. The community offers a range of modern amenities, such as a swimming pool, community centre and BBQ area, which make it easy for seniors to socialise and stay active. In addition, the community hosts a variety of social events and clubs, to keep them entertained and engaged.

Address: 598 Summerland Way Grafton, NSW, 2460

Phone: 02 9055 8674

Website: https://hometownaustralia.com.au/nsw/north-coast/jacaranda-grove-grafton

Garden Village Port Macquarie

9 of the best Retirement Villages Forster and Mid North Coast region NSW offers

If you’re looking for a comfortable and modern retirement living experience, The Banksia at Garden Village is the perfect choice for you. With thoughtfully designed apartments that will make you feel instantly at home, The Banksia is a great opportunity for you to enjoy your retirement years in style.

The Banksia is a brand new and beautifully designed independent retirement living apartment complex located in the heart of Port Macquarie. It offers retirees a choice of sophisticated one and two-bedroom apartments that are designed for their accessibility, comfort and independence.

With its modern fittings, fixtures and finishes, The Banksia promises future residents a contemporary and stylish apartment living experience. Its smart and boutique residences are part of the Garden Village portfolio and are designed to provide retirees with a sanctuary where they can enjoy their independence and be close to the cafes, shops, and attractions of Port Macquarie.

Address: 7 Garden Crescent Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Phone: 02 6582 8923

Website: http://gardenvillage.com.au/

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Illawarra has to offer

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Illawarra has to offer

Located immediately to the south of Sydney, Illawarra is a delightful coastal region that resides in the southeastern part of New South Wales.

The region encompasses the cities of Shellharbour and Wollongong , as well as the lovely coastal enclave of Kiama. It is famous for its fantastic beaches and beautiful scenery, which attracts plenty of tourists, not to mention retirees who want to live out their golden years here.

Should you be actively looking for a place to move into, there are several retirement villages in Illawarra to choose from.

Outlined below is a selection of 10 of the best ones to consider. Each of them offers distinctive characteristics and drawcards that should pique your interest.

Oak Tree Retirement Village Moss Vale

Centrally located within a two hour drive of Sydney and Canberra lies Moss Vale – the agricultural hub for the Southern Highlands. If you’re looking to lead a relaxed retirement lifestyle, then this charming town is the place to be!

Within it, the Oak Tree Retirement Village is an excellent choice. It provides boutique-sized retirement living that offers peace of mind and a low-maintenance lifestyle for seniors who want to focus on enjoying life to the best of their ability.

Comprising 39 homes, this friendly community of like-minded individuals is designed to enable residents to live independently for longer by accommodating their various needs in a thoughtful way.

For instance, their stylish 2 and 3 bedroom brick villas are designed to reduce trip hazards with front and rear doors recessed for easy accessibility. They also come with ducted air-conditioning, full-sized kitchens equipped with dishwashers and high-quality stone bench tops.

In addition, residents can benefit from spacious bathrooms that have walk-in showers, lock up garages that provide you with internal access, and covered, private outdoor entertaining areas. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about general maintenance and gardening of the village’s common areas, as the staff take care of them.

Address: 50 Willow Drive, Moss Vale, NSW, 2577

Phone: 0447 378 042

Website: https://www.oaktreegroup.com.au/location/moss-vale/

Hillcrest Village

Over in Stanwell Park, you can indulge in the comfort of modern and stylish living spaces, which have been architecturally designed to include all of state-of-the-art safety features you would expect from a retirement village.

The village is situated on 4.7 hectares of rolling bushland amidst stunning, landscaped gardens and is just a few minutes away from Stanwell Park beach. It is also just an hour away from Sydney.

Units at Hillcrest Village are designed to provide residents with the peace of mind of having the privacy, independence and freedom that comes with living in their own home. Overall, there are 28 on offer which come with configurations of one, two and two bedrooms with study – all of which come with designs that are ecologically sustainable.

Featuring open plan living areas that include modern kitchens, laundry, spacious bathrooms and private outdoor and garage access, the units are decorated with quality, contemporary finishes, such as reverse cycle air conditioning in both the main bedroom and the living room, stainless steel appliances and beautifully polished, Australian-made hardwood floorboards across all living areas.

In addition to the accommodation, the village staff takes care of all maintenance in the gardens and units. They also offer flexible payment plans and finance options, as well as a no-departure fee option, which gives you the ultimate freedom to choose.

Address: 1a Railway Crescent Stanwell Park, NSW, 2508

Phone: 02 8197 9304

Website: https://upasydney.org.au/retirement-village-hillcrest/

Jettys by the Lake

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Illawarra has to offer

As its name implies, Jettys by the Lake provides seniors with the opportunity to enjoy life in a retirement village that offers a stunning waterfront location.

Situated in the suburb of Windang, just 7km from the Wollongong CBD you can enjoy superb views of Lake Illawarra and the surrounding Illawarra escarpment if you choose to live here. The Village is also within easy reach of several nearby beaches, local shops and medical services. So, no matter what you need or want, you’ll never have to travel far for it.

Residents at Jettys enjoy living in maintenance homes, and have access to several different facilities and social activities within the friendly community. The village also incorporates several safety features that ensure seniors can live with the peace of mind they are being well looked after.

Address: 210 Windang Road Windang, NSW, 2528

Phone: (02) 4297 2083

Website: https://hampshirevillages.com.au/our-villages/jettys-by-the-lake/

Southern Cross Care Thirroul Village

For those who enjoy the sound of the surf, this pleasant seaside retirement village in Thirroul is a terrific option.

Each unit here is well set up for comfortable living, providing residents with a kitchenette, ensuite bathroom and patio or balcony that showcases tremendous coastal views. Your family and friends will love visiting you and with plenty of outdoor entertaining areas, plus a community centre, and a

scenic garden, there are several areas where you can socialise with them. You are also just a short walk away from restaurants, shops, the beach and several other recreational activities that can be reached by bus and train.

One of the best aspects of living in this village is that guests can relax knowing they have access to a wide range of optional support services designed to help them live happily and safely. Subsequently, should they ever need extra assistance, there is a 24-hour emergency call system available for them to use.

Ultimately, when you choose a Southern Cross Care retirement community, you’re choosing a lifestyle that’s all about peace of mind, freedom, and living within a supportive community. Like at other places on this list, you won’t have to worry about garden and home maintenance as they take care of everything for you.

Address: 10 Raymond Road Thirroul, NSW, 2515

Phone: 1800 632 314

Website: https://www.sccliving.org.au/our-services/retirement-communities/find-a-community/thirroul-village

Uniting Farmborough Grove

Set within a range of manicured gardens that run along Charcoal Creek, it is easy to see why residents of Uniting Farmborough Grove regard the village as their own piece of paradise.

Along with its picturesque setting, the expansive retirement living community offers spacious villas, each of which comes with modern kitchens, open living spaces and private bathrooms. Moreover, there are plenty of spaces to relax in the sun with a good book, or enjoy the garden and mountain views over a cuppa.

Should you choose to stay in the village you will be able to partake in a range of regular social activities with likeminded individuals. At the same time, if you want to venture out and about the Unanderra train station is not too far away and there are regular bus services from right outside the front of the village. Between them, they could take you to several local attractions, shopping centres and other places of interest.

Address: 66 Waples Road Unanderra, NSW, 2526

Phone: 1800 864 846

Website: https://www.uniting.org/services/retirement-and-independent-living/facility/uniting-farmborough-grove-unanderra

Bishop McCabe Retirement Village (Towradgi)

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Illawarra has to offer

Bishop McCabe is a reputable and sought-after retirement community offering a vibrant and supportive environment for seniors.

With a focus on promoting active and independent living, Bishop McCabe Retirement Village provides comfortable and modern accommodations tailored to individual preferences.

The village boasts a range of amenities and services designed to enhance residents’ quality of life, including communal spaces, recreational activities, and social programs.

With a dedicated team of staff members ensuring the well-being and safety of residents, Bishop McCabe Retirement Village is a trusted choice for seniors seeking a fulfilling and engaging retirement lifestyle in Towradgi.

Address: 23 Ziems Ave Towradgi, NSW, 2518

Phone: 1800225474

Website: https://www.catholichealthcare.com.au/residence/bishop-mccabe-retirement-village-towradgi/

Warrigal Albion Park

Tucked away on a quiet side street in the suburb of Albion Park is the quaint Warrigal Albion Park retirement village. It prides itself on being a lovely place for seniors to live who want to enjoy serenity and peace within sacrificing connectivity or convenience.

At Warrigal Albion Park, you enjoy easy access to several location attractions, such as the stunning South Coast beaches, shopping facilities, entertainment options, and restaurants. In addition to its prime location, the community offers a comprehensive range of support services to suit every level of care.

Overall, there are 16 garden villas in the village which are all pet-friendly. They feature modern designs and convenient layouts that enable residents to live comfortably in a place that instantly feels like home.

Address: 7-19 O’Gorman Street Albion Park, NSW, 2527

Phone: (02) 4257 4257

Website: https://www.warrigal.com.au/

Anglicare – St Luke’s Village

Nestled at the foot of the picturesque Wollongong escarpment, St Luke’s is a fabulous place to live out your golden years. This beautiful village has spacious gardens and showstopping views and also boasts a strong sense of community, with close ties in particular to the local churches.

If you feel like being active, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can spend time attending a craft class, tending your own vegetable patch, joining an exercise group or playing carpet bowls. The village also hosts regular trivia nights and has a nice barbecue area where residents can entertain family and friends.

St Luke’s offers spacious and bright accommodation, which includes self-contained, two-bedroom units and duplex, free-standing villas, all of which come with lounge areas, modern kitchen and dining spaces.

Moreover, the village has a bus and links to public transport that provide easy access to local parks, markets, shops and medical facilities. Nearby, there are bowling and golf clubs that residents can also take advantage of.

Address: St Lukes Retirement Village, 4 Lindsay Evans Place, Dapto NSW 2530

Phone: 1300 111 278

Website: https://www.anglicare.org.au/seniors/retirement-living/locations/dapto/

Warrigal Lake Illawarra

10 of the Best Retirement Villages Illawarra has to offer

The community at Warrigal Lake is a serene and beautifully landscaped haven that offers affordable eco-friendly initiatives all year round.

Centrally located, with the beach and shops just a short walk away, the village is an excellent place for those looking to explore a bit further – a convenient bus stop is located right at the front of the village, making traveling easy and hassle-free. You can also access a comprehensive home services support package.

The village offers 30 coastal villas in a prime location, perfect for those seeking an active and engaging lifestyle. With Warilla Grove shopping centre, pristine beaches, and scenic level walking tracks around the lake all within walking distance, it’s a gateway to convenience and recreation. The village brings together like-minded individuals in a secure and welcoming environment.

In addition, you’ll find a good range of engaging programs and activities to participate in, along with a wide range of services and amenities, shopping, and entertainment options.

Address: 1-7 Grove Circuit Lake Illawarra, NSW, 2528

Phone: 1800 626 670

Website: https://www.warrigal.com.au/location/warrigal-lake-illawarra/

Uniting Lakeview Shellharbour

Are you on the hunt for a charming retirement living destination by the seaside? Look no further than Shellharbour.

The village offered by Uniting Lakeview coomprises 25 existing villas and 78 new independent living apartments, which are defined by their modern designs and well-appointed amenities.

In addition, the community offers extensive gardens and a clubroom where residents can socialise. It includes a gourmet kitchen, fire pit, bar and library, while those wanting to enjoy sportier pursuits are able to practice on the putting green or play a game of bocce. The tranquil gardens also make a lovely place to stretch their legs.

The village has a convenient location, that offers everything you need just a few minutes away. This includes public transport, the Shellharbour Hospital and Stockland Shellharbour. Additionally, the community prides itself on being pet-friendly, and has plenty of space for your extended family to stay.

Address: 19 Wallaroo Drive Shellharbour, NSW, 2529

Phone: 1800 864 846

Website: https://www.uniting.org/services/retirement-and-independent-living/facility/uniting-lakeview-shellharbour

8 of the Best Retirement Villages New Zealand North Island Has To Offer

8 of the Best Retirement Villages New Zealand North Island Has To Offer

Te Ika-a-Māui or New Zealand’s North Island is defined by its gorgeous national parks, volcanic activity and cosmopolitain cities. It is also where 75% of the country’s population live, including many seniors who enjoy a very fulfilling retirement.

From Rotorua and Wellington to Napier and Palmerston North there are plenty of communities you can choose to live out your post work years. Outlined below are eight of the best ones you should check out if you are tossing up the idea of moving into one.

Bupa The Gardens Retirement Village

Located on the outskirts of Rotorua, the Gardens Retirement Village is a great choice for those wanting to live in a semi-rural community that is still close enough to essential amenities such as cafes, parks, shops and the beautiful lake, that Rotorua is known for.

The village provides a peaceful environment for its residents, featuring sixty independent villas that come with either one or two bedrooms. Set amongst beautiful landscaping, these modern and well-designed villas feature en-suite bathrooms, open plan living areas and high-quality fittings.

Besides maintenance, residents have the option of additional services such as laundry, housekeeping, and meals. Moreover, each home is fitted with a 24-hour emergency call system, and there are regular security patrols for added security.

The Gardens Retirement Village prides itself on offering a continuum of care, complete with a dedicated rest home and hospital that includes the country’s first Maori immersion unit. In addition, it boasts a range of communal facilities, including a community centre with comfortable seating, a large flat-screen TV and a well-equipped kitchen.

There is also a well-stocked library for residents to use and a busy activities program they can enjoy that includes shopping trips and social outings.

Operated by Bupa, the Gardens Retirement Village even offers a regular wellness clinic, staffed by a registered nurse.

Address: 15 Hodgkins Street, Pukehangi, Rotorua 3015, New Zealand

Phone: +64 7 347 9658

Website: https://www.bupa.co.nz/retirement-villages/find-a-village-near-you/bay-of-plenty/the-gardens-retirement-village/

Lady Allum Village

Located in one of the North Shore’s most desirable suburbs, Oceania’s Lady Allum is a modern apartment complex that is very much designed with the comfort of residents in mind.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens, which are well-maintained by the community ground staff, the village is available to residents over the age of 70. It offers a range of apartments to suit different needs. They include one and two bedroom apartments as well as others that have a third, flexible third room which you could use as you wish. All of them have been designed with quality finishes and tasteful decor that create a real sense of home.

Residents can enjoy a range of modern amenities that will heighten their levels of comfort, including a heat pump, easy-access showers, double glazing, heated towel rails and secure swipe access. Additionally, each apartment comes with a patio or balcony which is perfect for outdoor meals or activities like reading.

The good thing about living at Lady Allum Village is that it is just a short driving distance to Shore City and Milford Centre. The neighborhood also boasts some of Auckland’s most popular beaches, and a local garden centre that is within easy walking distance of the community.

Address: 20 Napoleon Avenue, Milford, Auckland 0620, New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 488 2900

Website: https://oceaniahealthcare.co.nz/location/lady-allum

Palmerston North Village – Metlifecare

8 of the Best Retirement Villages New Zealand North Island Has To Offer

Tucked away in a beautiful part of Palmerston North, the Palmerston North Village is a lovely community of residences which is run by Metlifecare.

What marks this retirement village as distinct from others is the quality of its accommodation options, which include ‘English style’, one-bedroom brick chalets and villas that come with one and two-bedrooms.

Each chalet and villa is unique, comprising spacious living areas and either a single internal access garage or a dedicated car parking space or carport. Those who live in them can enjoy the peace of mind of independent living in a secure environment that includes a 24-hour emergency call system.

For residents who need a bit of extra help with meals, laundry, cleaning and personal care, the village has serviced apartments with tailor-made packages specifically created to suit their needs. In addition, Palmerston North Village is also able to provide both rest home and residential hospital level care on-site.

Residents at Palmerston North Village have access to many facilities to ensure their days are busy and engaging. They include a community centre, cafe, barbecue and outdoor living area, spa pool, swimming pool and billiards table. There is also a hairdressing salon and inter-denominational chapel onsite, as well as a library.

Throughout the week, they can also take part in a range of social activities such as morning teas, tai chi classes, card games and housie, which creates a sense of fun and togetherness. While there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops, art galleries and other attractions that can be accessed via a short bus ride or drive.

Address: 7 Fitchett Street, Palmerston North Central, Palmerston North 4410, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 350 6400

Website: https://www.metlifecare.co.nz/our-retirement-villages/manawatu-whanganui/palmerston-north-village

Quail Ridge Country Club

Settings don’t come much better than the one the Quail Ridge Country Club enjoys. Situated within the stunning Bay of Islands, the village is adjacent to the idyllic Rainbow Falls Reserve walking track, which provides a wonderful backdrop. It is also about five kilometres away from the bustling centre of Kerikeri, while the Bay of Islands Golf Club is just a few minutes drive away.

The residences at Quail Ridge comprise a mix of standalone homes, independent and serviced living apartments and a state-of-the-art care facility. They are set in beautifully landscaped grounds, which feature a nice mix of native and subtropical gardens, a mandarin grove and landscaped lakes.

Taking the form of a resort-style community, the village has an elegant clubhouse that is the heart of the village. Inside it is a restaurant, bar and café, a billiards room, cinema, and library.

For their leisure, residents can access a heated indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and spa. They can also utilise a petanque court and bowling green for their entertainment.

Address: 82 Rainbow Falls Road, Kerikeri 0230, New Zealand

Phone: +64 800 782 457

Website: https://quailridgecc.co.nz/

Summerset by the Dunes

8 of the Best Retirement Villages New Zealand North Island Has To Offer

Over in Tauranga, Summerset by the Dunes is a beautiful coastal community which is surrounded by some of New Zealand’s most stunning beaches.

Located just 4km to Papamoa Plaza and about a 20 minute drive to Mount Maunganui or Tauranga City, the village provides residents with a selection of contemporary living options. These include cottages and villages that both have either two or three-bedrooms, serviced one-bedroom apartments, and care rooms that reside within their care centre. They also have one-bedroom apartments in a state-of-the-art memory care centre, which is specifically designed for those living with dementia.

All their villas and cottages are single-story homes that provide private outdoor living. In addition, their serviced apartments come with a spacious double bedroom that has an ensuite bathroom, and separate living area. At the same time, their care rooms are available in wither deluxe, premium, or standard layouts.

Seniors can also make use of an excellent range of facilities including an indoor swimming pool and spa, cafe, beauty clinic and hair salon, exercise room and bowling green. There is also and on-site activities coordinator who organises several different events, while should they want to go further afield, there is a village van is available for group outings.

Address: 35 Manawa Road, Papamoa Beach, Tauranga 3118, New Zealand

Phone: +64 7 542 9080


Bupa St Andrews Retirement Village

Run by Bupa, St Andrew’s Retirement Village is a beautiful community in Hamilton that offers retirement living accommodation via their 62 different one and two bedroom apartments.

Located near the Waikato river, the village overlooks the picturesque St Andrew’s Golf Course and provides a perfect setting for walks and other outdoor recreational activities.

The community prides itself on offering a small and friendly environment where residents can enjoy private and independent living.

One of the advantages of living in their retirement village apartments is that you can ‘lock up and leave’ your home when you go on trips, safe in the knowledge your home is safe and secure. They also provide 24-hour emergency assistance through personal medical alarms installed in each apartment, which give residents a lot of peace of mind.

For those who need it, premium services are available with their Bupa person-centered care. This takes the form of a 40-bedroom purpose-built care home which is adjacent to the village.

As an incentive to stay here, for every year you are in our retirement village, you will be entitled to seven days of complimentary respite care in one of our care homes – depending on availability.

Address: 26 Delamare Road, St Andrews, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand

Phone: +64 7 850 0790

Website: https://www.bupa.co.nz/retirement-villages/find-a-village-near-you/waikato-and-coromandel/st-andrews-retirement-village/

Gracelands Retirement Village

8 of the Best Retirement Villages New Zealand North Island Has To Offer

Located in the heart of sunny Hawke’s Bay, Gracelands offers excellent aged care and retirement living options to seniors. It features independent living two-bedroom villas and a choice of standard and premium rooms, including Care Suites.

All of their units have a range of easy living features including heat pumps for year-round comfort and a wet floor shower. Meanwhile, their villas have either a conservatory or patio, so you can enjoy plenty of fresh air.

Conveniently situated off a main road, the community enjoys easy public transportation access to Napier or Hastings. Moreover, there are plenty of shops close by, including a Four Square, a pharmacy, fruit and vegetable shops, and several delightful eateries and cafes.

Overall, Gracelands provides seniors the opportunity to retire in an affordable and comfortable environment. If you love to entertain or simply enjoy your own space, you’ll love the relaxed feel of living here.

Address: 730 Pakowhai Road, Frimley, Hastings 4120, New Zealand

Phone: +64 6 872 6179

Website: https://oceaniahealthcare.co.nz/location/gracelands

Whitby Lakes Retirement Village

Whitby Lakes Retirement Village is situated in the heart of the Whitby community, right next to the Whitby Shopping Centre and Lake, which means you will be close to the action if you choose to live here.

It’s also conveniently located just a short drive to the motorway, making it easy to access both Wellington city and the beaches of the Kapiti Coast when you need to.

Whitby Lakes offers both villas and apartments, along with an extensive Lifestyle Centre and beautiful gardens. They incorporate several designed, including one, two and three bedrooms. All of them have been architecturally designed and fully refurbished to feel brand new should you ever want to sell them.

The Lifestyle Centre serves as the heart of village life at Whitby Lakes. This purpose-built facility houses a lounge bar and cafe, a gym, heated swimming pool and spa and a library that is kitted out with computer facilities.

Seniors can also play indoor bowls, petanque, pool or table tennis with their friends or host a barbecue on the lakefront deck. There is also a full calendar of social events and activities regularly run, such as trips to the theatre, coach tours and organised walks.

Address: 1 Newhaven Way, Whitby, Porirua 5024, New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 234 6627